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We provide services in the field of life sciences from the standard data analysis through the consultation of experiment design to the complex software solutions.

NGS analysis

We provide our customers with reliable analysis of their NGS data. We deliver quality control, reference genome mapping and downstream analysis of sequencing data. We analyze data from RNA-seq, whole genome sequencing, exon sequencing and amplicon sequencing. We use established open source tools for performing analyses and provide our customers with reliable results.

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Always it is very simulative for PersMed to help biomedical professionals to interpret their current data in best logical way. However, the past teaches us to invest at first in consulting the scientific program in order to provide enough control measurements and thus minimize cost of the planned experiment. Therefore, PersMed offers Consultancy/Advisory Services and guidance from the scratch to the final data interpretation with the guarantee. Collaborative efforts in order to guide multicentre studies are one of the possible involvement of PersMed that would arbitrate experiments done by independent centers.

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About us

Personalized medicine is a vision that our genetic profile will be used to treat us better when needed. Vision, that based on individual profiles we can provide recommendations to individual people prior they become sick. Our main aim is to develop and maintain infrastructure (methods, databases, algorithms, storage and data security) for processing individual data. Currently we focus on NGS data analysis and software development.

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