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Consultancy/Advisory Services

Consultancy Services are provided for multicentre studies in order to guide experimental design in approaches involving large sets of patient-derived data including global gene expression analyses and similar global studies. Among reasons such as to minimize cost there are additional that involve requirements in order to use applicable statistical analyses.

Services involving data previously analyzed by PersMed: we offer to communicate and solve queries on demand on data that were in the past previously analyzed by PersMed. These will include for example additional tasks in order to complete publications where additional analyses are required by Journal Editors.

PersMed will proudly participate in multicentre grant proposals where consultancy as well as bioinformatics and biostatistics will be part of the specific aims. PersMed is prepared to become either investigator or service provider.

PersMed is in this matter contacted directly and individual tasks are discussed on personal level. Potential investigators are encouraged to provide by email necessary information in advance. You can contact us directly

PersMed do the best to protect confidentiality of the provided data and analysis results. A confidentiality agreement in order to protect any disclosure of the provided information (data for analysis and analysis results itself) to others without proper authorization can be obtained upon request. We can maintain very high level of data confidentiality on request including storage of your data on encrypted disk with access guaranteed only to customer approved investigators and complete data removal after the work is complete. As these solutions require additional handling and processing costs pricing will be adjusted upon individual needs of the customer.