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Microarray analysis and Sequencing has become must for research and publications in the field of life sciences. Widespread of high throughput technologies may be quite challenging for the people with pure life science background. In PersMed we have the experience with analyzing data from high throughput technologies and we provide our customers with accurate and understandable results of wide range of possible analyses. We can deliver expertise you need to obtain reliable results and outputs from your experiments. We care about your time and we are prepared to deliver the results quickly.

Microarray analysis

We offer standard analyses based on mRNA and microRNA global expression studies. We have strong expertise in analyzing Affymetrix and Illumina arrays. Standard analysis involve quality control, PCA analysis, differential expression analysis based on the groups of samples provided by custommer and analysis report. Extended analysis involve analyzing gene sets enrichment, GSEA and standard Fisher test analysis of gene ontology groups and KEGG pathways. On customer demand we can include user defined sets or other types of analyses. We perform analyses in open source R project using Bioconductor packages.

Next generation sequencing

We offer analyses of the NGS data including amplicon sequencing, whole genome sequencing or chip-seq experiments. We have experience with 454 amplicon sequencing and SNP calling. For analyses we use open source tools such as Mosaik aligner or R project.

Experiment design

Usually cost constraints limit design of the experiments. However for your satisfaction with the results experiment have to be carefully prepared from the beginning. With a lack of money may be better to perform few simpler experiments with sufficient number of replicates then introduce large number of states without sufficient number of replicates. We offer help with experimental design consultancy to avoid possible hard feeling when lack of replicates causes failure of analysis. Experiments with most valuable results are those in which Bioinformatics and statistics were taken into consideration from the very beginning.

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As many clinical and research doctors around the world are facing substantial need to better understand effects of given therapy as well as modern diagnostic approaches bring new patient subgrouping algorithms (based on biomarker expression or mutation) PersMed is focused on helping medical scientist to provide statistically relevant data, thus offers services in biostatistics.

Several examples exist in clinical research that PersMed offers to assist with. These include firstly modeling of clinical parameters and patient outcome. These include mathematical modeling and statistical analysis of survival curves, associations of clinical response with multiple parameters, prognostic factors and novel biomarkers.

Another role of PersMed is focused on assistance in novel biomarkers discovery. Large data sets will be analyzed in respect to provided parameters; the results will be interpreted under criteria allowing generating very specific and informative conclusions.